Nakul Ezhuthupally Sibiraj
Technology Architect, Product Manager

What do I Do?

Hi! I am a Full Stack Engineer
I work out of Kochi, Keralaand hack problems majorly in Python & Javascript


Architecture and Development

Most of my career I have engineered web solutions using Backend Frameworks such as Django Flask Tornado PHP Laravel NodeJSand ExpressJSand Javascript frameworks and libraries such as AngularJS VueJSand the like in the Frontend.

To handle data in these projects, I have worked with numerous SQL, NoSQL and Graph database solutions such as MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB Couchbase Neo4jalongside Caches , Message Brokers and Queues such as Elasticsearch Redis RabbitMQ Amazon SQS Apache Kafkaand more

I also have experience in building  Chrome Extensions  Firefox Pluginsand Templates for  Wordpress&  DrupalI have also played around a little with Mobile App development using Phonegap& Ionicand Desktop App development with GTK Glade QTand Electron

DevOps & Server Management

I have experience deploying most of the technologies listed above and have deployed PHP, Django, NodeJS webapps and static websites in the Cloud using Apache Nginx gUnicorn uWSGI and have written numerous Bash scripts to automate tasks making use of SED AWK grep and other *nix tools.

Most of the deployment was on AWS making use of services such as EC2 Route53 RDS S3 Elasticsearch Service SES SQS and the like. I also have experience deploying applications in Azure Rackspaceand cPanel




Hobby Projects